About Classes

LVGH prides itself on offering a strong sense of community. Our small classes are perfect for adults who might not be comfortable in a large group setting or prefers more individualized attention. Small-group instruction allows our tutors to best accommodate the needs of their students. That means you might find classes going through today’s newspaper headlines, practicing filling out job applications, or in the Computer Lab looking for directions to the grocery store. Students benefit from learning not only from their tutors, but from each other.   To take a virtual tour of our Hartford Literacy Center, click here!

Have a question about our classes?  Contact our Administrative Assistant, Miriam Lopez at (860) 233-3853 Ext. 10 or miriam.lopez@lvgh.org.

Class Structure
Classes are small – typically 4-6 students – placed according to their reading and/or language skill level, as determined by assessments given upon intake.  Taught by trained volunteer tutors, all classes follow a standard, nationally-recognized curriculum, which incorporates English literacy along with life skills and is designed for adult students. Students and teachers each receive copies of the standard textbook.

Course Offerings
LVGH provides small-group instruction in:

  • Basic Literacy (Reading and Writing for native English speakers)
  • English for Speakers of Other Languages (ESOL)
  • Digital Literacy (Computer and Internet skills)
  • Math
  • Pre-GED/Pre-NEDP
  • GED
  • U.S. Citizenship
  • Job Readiness
  • Writing & Grammar
  • Conversation

We can also help connect students to the National External Diploma Program (NEDP), an alternative to high school completion for students who may not be a good fit for the GED test.  Ask a staff member for more information.

Class Schedule
Classes are offered during three terms beginning in the Fall (August), Winter (November), and Spring (March). We also offer a 6-week summer session (see calendar).  Classes are offered at our literacy centers in Hartford and East Hartford.

Digital Literacy
Our Digital Literacy program provides students the opportunity to work independently in the Computer Lab with help from volunteers.  Educational software is available to supplement classroom instruction.

Individual and small-group tutoring is also available on topics of interest to students including basic computer usage (PCs), internet navigation, setting up an email address, obtaining a driver’s license, conducting online job searches, online job applications, creating a resume, and word processing (see Computer Lab hours).

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